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Desktop 8-channel battery tester

Desktop 8-channel battery tester

Product Details

MC8 battery testing equipment

Product introduction

MACCOR MC8 is a multifunctional, fully automatic, programmable test desktop battery test system that can be used for research and development and quality control of various types of batteries. MC8 includes the following functions:

· The test equipment is controlled by a microcomputer with internal memory, and the test program can be completely downloaded to the test equipment for operation. · Each test channel in the system is relatively independently controllable. · Test mode can be defined as constant current, constant power, constant resistance, and constant voltage.

· Each test mode can have 16 different termination conditions. · The test process can be transferred to other test steps based on the end conditions.

· Four levels of nesting can be applied in each test procedure.

· The test system can display, trace and print test data or complete test process in real time.

· Can be used online with the environmental test chamber. Test system is calibrated once a year according to NIST standards

Technical indicators

Product features

MC8 desktop battery testing equipment is a high-precision battery test system produced by the American MACCOR. The main testing functions of this battery test system are as follows:

1. Constant current charge and discharge test

2. Constant voltage charge and discharge test

3. Constant power charge and discharge test

4. Constant resistance discharge test

5. Current step or slope test

6. Current pulse or power pulse test

7. Capacity test

8. Cycle life experiment

9. Overcharge and Overdischarge Rate Withstand Capability Experiment

10. Charge retention ability experiment

11. Battery performance test at different temperatures

12. DCIR resistance test

13. 1KHz AC impedance test

14. HPPC and PITT test

15. Pulse test

16. Variable test

17. Real-time capacity rate test

18. Real-time working condition simulation test

Fourth, equipment software functions

The software of MACCOR battery test equipment is powerful, the interface is simple, easy to use, and the man-machine interface is friendly. Engineers or operators with battery test equipment application experience can independently operate the software application of MACCOR battery test equipment with only half an hour of training After receiving half an hour of training, you can independently perform software test programming, start testing, test data viewing, export and test graphics viewing and editing, and more detailed functions will be trained on-site during the equipment use training process.