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Desktop 16-channel battery tester

Desktop 16-channel battery tester

Product Details

MC16 battery testing equipment

Product introduction

MACCOR MC16 is a multifunctional, fully automatic, programmable test desktop battery test system, which can be used for research and development and quality control of various batteries. MC8 includes the following functions:

The test equipment is controlled by a microcomputer and has internal memory. The test program can be completely downloaded to the test equipment and run.

· Each test channel in the system is relatively independently controllable.

· Test mode can be defined as constant current, constant power, constant resistance, and constant voltage.

· Each test mode can have 16 different termination conditions.

· The test process can be transferred to other test steps based on the end conditions.

· Four levels of nesting can be applied in each test procedure.

· The test system can display, trace and print test data or complete test process in real time.

· Can be used online with the environmental test chamber.

Test system is calibrated once a year according to NIST standards

Technical indicators