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High Power Battery Tester

High Power Battery Tester

Product Details

MACCOR Series 8500 is a multifunctional, fully automatic, programmable test system that can be used for research and development and quality control of various types of batteries. It is specially produced to meet the needs of each user, including hardware and software.

The Series 8500 includes the following features:

The test equipment is controlled by a microcomputer and has internal memory. The test program can be completely downloaded to the test equipment and run.

The software can set the safety upper and lower limits of charge and discharge. After exceeding the set value, the software will automatically control the disconnection of the test circuit to achieve the purpose of safety.

Each test channel in the system is relatively independently controllable.

Types of operation include: charge (source current), discharge (reverse current), sleep (wait), voltage sweep, standard pulse with 100ms pulse

The test mode can be defined as constant current, constant power, constant resistance, and constant voltage.

Each test mode can have 16 different termination conditions.

The test process can be transferred to other test steps based on the end conditions.

The test end includes various rated values (voltage, current, time, etc.), integrated values (energy, capacitance, half-cycle data), and differential values.

Four nestings can be applied in each test procedure.

The test program can be called by other tests as a subroutine, which shows that the test step size in the actual test is infinite.

The test system can display, trace and print test data or complete test process in real time.

Maccor's operating software MIMS package can plot test data.

With the help of MIMS software, test data can be automatically transferred via the local area network.

The chart can be edited by the user, and can define the coordinates, the color of the line and other parameters.

The created graphic can be saved as a template for later recall.

Data from multiple test channels can be plotted on one graph, or multiple graphs can be edited into one view.

The system power alarm function can save complete test data and restart when the external power supply suddenly loses power.

The test cabinet is designed with front and rear doors for easy inspection.

Can be used online with the environmental test chamber.

Test system is calibrated annually according to NIST standards

For FUDS, SFUDS, DST drive timing, or other drive simulation test protocols, W / Kg size can be calculated automatically

Can import files to automatically generate required test programs