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What is the principle of the CELL tester?

CELL tester principle

The CELL tester is a collection of millions of clinical materials of different genders, ages, races, and diseases based on the Nobel Prize (MRI) theory by the former space agency of the former Soviet Union. On the basis, with the help of high-speed computer computing, light waves and sonar pass through the eardrum into the human brain neurons. Using quantum resonance skills, the energy of hydrogen atoms in specific organs and tissues of the body is detected. Resonant electromagnetic waves are generated and fed back to the computer. Existing wave dynamics data of various cells and substances in the human body, for the detection of 12 systems of the whole body, 256 items of viscera, glands, cells, gastric ulcers, fibroids, cysts, prostatitis or adenomas, thyroid function impairment, internal Organ stones, endocrine disorders, etc., make predictive reports on 4352 conditions, thereby ensuring that the accuracy rate reaches more than 95% when 120,000 collection points are tested throughout the body.

Health management systems provide situations that are very close to pathological anatomy. It only takes about an hour to get intact information about your health, and you can "see" the interrelationships between your organs, the source, and the illness. Compare the signals caused by the underlying disease. If a disease signal is found, it is recommended to take a deeper look.

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