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What are the characteristics of the battery internal resistance tester?

The functional status of a single battery directly affects the overall functional status of the battery pack. At the same time, the backward battery in the battery pack will accelerate the deterioration of other batteries connected in series. What are the characteristics of the battery internal resistance tester?

1. Fast test speed, each unit test time does not exceed 3 seconds, and can store more than 10,000 test data.

2, a wealth of test things: clamp or probe test, and equipped with connection bar resistance test accessories.

3. The data processing is intelligent. The appearance is a Chinese operation interface and analysis software.

4, fault alarm, timely detection of battery operation failure. When the detected internal resistance and voltage exceed the set upper limit or lower limit, the instrument will sound and text alarm.

5. Good repeatability and stability: the stability of repeated tests is within 3%; the test signal is a large signal above DC 42A to ensure the test accuracy; the large signal test can effectively resist the ripple interference of the battery test environment;

6. High accuracy of measurement parameters, strong anti-interference, high reliability and good repeatability. The battery charge / discharge waveform and switching noise basically do not affect the internal resistance accuracy.

7, analysis software can be customized: according to the actual needs of users to customize some functions.

8, low power consumption of rechargeable batteries: large-capacity rechargeable batteries, screen display power supply battery power, can work continuously for 6 hours to meet the requirements of 1000 consecutive tests

Therefore, the monitoring of the single battery is a necessary condition to ensure the capacity status and service life of the battery pack. After the internal resistance test is performed on the battery cells in the battery pack, the function status of each battery cell in the battery pack can be accurately grasped. At the same time, it is of great significance to ensure the stability of battery power supply and extend the service life of the battery pack.