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What are the characteristics of the capacity tester?

The capacity tester is a professional instrument used to measure whether the capacity of the transformer matches the practical nameplate.

Transformer capacity (characteristics) field tester is a multi-functional appearance that is very suitable for accurately measuring transformer capacity and type on the spot. It can use the built-in power supply of the instrument to accurately measure the capacity of various types of transformers such as oil-invaded, dry, and special transformers , Type and load loss, the primary and secondary voltage values of the transformer can be arbitrarily input during use. Transformers above 30KVA can complete various characteristics such as no-load loss and load loss. The instrument is small in size and light in weight to 2.5kg, with simple wiring, convenient operation, accurate measurement and good stability.

Functions and features of capacity tester

★ Large screen, high brightness, wide temperature type LCD display, all measurement data appears on one screen, Chinese menu prompts. The brightness and contrast of the LCD can be adjusted, and it can be clearly displayed under strong sunlight.

★ Built-in mini printer, Chinese character printout, test results can be printed directly on site.

★ There is a protective circuit inside to avoid instrument damage and personnel accidents.

★ The temperature compensation of the test data is automatically completed, and the data is converted to the value of the rated temperature.

★ Built-in new ultra-light high-energy battery, which has the characteristics of small size and large capacity.

★ The transformer capacity test connection uses imported waterproof plugs, and all the wires can be inserted.

★ Equipped with high-performance compact laser aiming infrared thermometer, the test interval is long, the temperature is accurate, and the temperature can be accurately corrected after the measured temperature is input.

★ Unique power saving mode to ensure the outdoor testing of multiple transformers of various models.

★ The front cover of the instrument is equipped with 10kV, 35kV distribution no-load loss, load loss, and impedance voltage standards, allowing users to easily check.

★ With storage function, it can store 100 transformer information.

★ Equipped with dual-use short-circuit wires, short-circuit clamps can be used for small-capacity transformers, and easy to operate; large-capacity can be short-circuited with open copper plates, and the contact resistance is small and accurate.