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Anti-interference meter

Anti-interference meter

Product Details

Anti-interference instrument advantages:

1. This equipment is a special supporting equipment for high-precision equipment, which can meet the application requirements of 40KW high-power equipment.

2. High-precision equipment is often imported from abroad. The electricity environment of foreign equipment is relatively pure. There is a large amount of surge interference and grid pollution in the domestic power grid. High-precision equipment often affects the test results because of fluctuations and surges in the power grid. The protector specifically solves such problems, can effectively filter interference, and smooth all kinds of interference generated by the power supply to the equipment.

3. The instrument also has the protection function for high-precision equipment to prevent the impact and burnout of imported high-precision equipment due to power grid fluctuations or interference.

4, can effectively improve the performance and accuracy of high-precision equipment.

5. For the occasions with high electromagnetic environment requirements, when using this product, it can prevent and isolate the mutual interference generated by the power grid terminal or equipment terminal, suppress the instantaneous impact, suppress the conduction and radiation interference, and have the function of line filtering and radiation filtering, which has good Common-mode and differential-mode interference rejection.

Technical Parameters:

Input voltage: 110V / 220V / 380V AC ± 10%

Output voltage: 110V / 220V / 380V AC

Output current: 1A-150A

Rated power: 1KW-40KW

Use frequency: 50-60HZ

Structure type: π-shaped vertical

Cooling method: air cooling

Specifications: SR110-2KW; SR110-5KW; SR110-7KW; SR110-10KW; SR110-15KW; SR110-20KW

SR220-2KW; SR220-5KW; SR220-7KW; SR220-10KW; SR220-15KW; SR220-20KW

SR380-8KW; SR380-15KW; SR380-20KW; SR380-30KW; SR380-40KW