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Surge suppressor

Surge suppressor

Product Details

Surge suppressor

Function overview: anti-interference, surge suppression, lightning protection, filter voltage stabilization, isolation, and enhanced power safety.

Anti-interference instrument can solve the problem, do you encounter the following phenomena when using high-precision equipment:

1. The accuracy of the equipment is normal most of the time, and sometimes the performance suddenly becomes worse, but the cause is always not found.

2. High-precision equipment has always been good, but then there is always a drop in accuracy.

3. High-precision equipment always has power system damage or core accessories damage

4. High-precision equipment is easily interfered with the operation of other high-power equipment

5. Test data of high-precision equipment occasionally fluctuates or the connection is interrupted or data is lost

If you encounter the above problems, the high-precision equipment protector can guarantee the normal use of your high-precision equipment!

The protector is mainly applied to the power input end of high-precision instruments and equipment to solve the impact and safety protection of high-precision equipment due to factors such as power grid fluctuations, instantaneous surges, lightning, switching on and off, high-frequency crosstalk, and electromagnetic radiation , To ensure that the input power of high-precision equipment is stable and pure, and to ensure that the test data of high-precision equipment is accurate and reliable.

Technical Parameters:

Input voltage: 110V / 220V / 380V AC ± 10%

Output voltage: 110V / 220V / 380V AC

Output current: 1A-150A

Rated power: 1KW-40KW

Use frequency: 50-60HZ

Structure type: π-shaped vertical

Cooling method: air cooling

Specifications: SR110-2KW; SR110-5KW; SR110-7KW; SR110-10KW; SR110-15KW; SR110-20KW

SR220-2KW; SR220-5KW; SR220-7KW; SR220-10KW; SR220-15KW; SR220-20KW

SR380-8KW; SR380-15KW; SR380-20KW; SR380-30KW; SR380-40KW