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mobile power

mobile power

Product Details

MACCOR high-precision battery test system can be used to test various types of mobile power batteries. It is the top testing equipment in the industry. It has high accuracy, high stability, high reliability and unparalleled high added value. Mobile power and mobile chargers are portable chargers that can be carried by individuals and can store electrical energy. They are mainly used to charge consumer electronic products such as handheld mobile devices (such as wireless phones and laptops), especially when there is no external power supply The occasion. So the test of mobile power is especially important.

MACCOR high-precision battery test system can perform the following types of tests on mobile power: effective output capacity, capacity retention ability, cycle life, conversion efficiency, output voltage, power adaptability under charging state, overcharge protection, overdischarge protection, Short circuit protection, overload protection of batteries and battery packs, high temperature charge and discharge, etc.

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