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cell phone battery

cell phone battery

Product Details

With the intelligent development of mobile phones, mobile phones are no longer a single communication tool, but have developed into highly integrated electronic products such as communications, office and entertainment. It has the convenience of being compact and easy to carry with you at any time. The battery that powers the phone is especially important. MACCOR company specially designed M4200 and S4000 series of high-precision battery test equipment, specifically testing various performance parameters of mobile phone batteries for research and development design and quality control.

In addition to basic test functions, MACCOR has designed pulse, GSM, CDMA, IDEN, and multi-level pulse functions to simulate the various use conditions of mobile phones as much as possible to test. Due to the different usage habits of mobile phone users, the MACCOR tester's overcharge and overdischarge tests predict various possible situations in advance and avoid any possible safety conditions.

The temperature detection function during the test can accurately reflect the temperature change of the battery during use, feedback information to the designer, and optimize and improve the battery performance. MACCOR mobile phone battery test equipment has the following test performance: cycle life test, capacity test, DCIR, HPPC, PITT, overcharge and over discharge, charge retention, pulse test, variable test, real-time capacity rate test, working condition simulation, under different temperatures Electrical performance test, etc.