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Button battery

Button battery

Product Details

Because of its small size, button batteries have been widely used in various microelectronic products. At the same time, due to the development trend of miniaturization of electronic products, button batteries will have a larger application market. MACCOR's series of products MC8, MC16, S4000 are specifically designed to test the power failure, and a multi-range solution is designed to automatically match the range according to the size of the test current to ensure the accuracy of the test. The fixture is convenient for customers to disassemble and install the battery, and can be installed and tested horizontally, avoiding any external influence on the test, and accurately test the state of the performance indicators of the power cut.

MACCOR withholding test equipment has the following performance testing capabilities: cycle life test, capacity test, DCIR, HPPC, PITT, overcharge and over discharge, charge retention, pulse tester , variable test, real-time capacity rate test, working condition simulation, different Electrical performance test at temperature, etc. After more than 30 years of development, MACCOR test equipment has been recognized by customers in the industry. MACCOR test accuracy is high, can reach 0.01% accuracy, high reliability and long-term stable operation. The current market equipment has been operating normally for more than 20 years.