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Power battery tester

Power battery tester

Product Details

MACCOR high-precision battery test system can be used to test all kinds of battery power. It is the top jina test equipment in the industry. The power battery tester has high precision, high stability, high reliability and unparalleled high added value. A power battery is a power source that powers things from east to west, and more commonly refers to a battery that powers electric cars, electric trains, electric bicycles, and golf carts.

   The popularity of clean energy has greatly promoted the rapid development of the battery production industry, and the new energy vehicle market has continued to expand. Power batteries have subsequently become a strong growth point in the battery industry. Since the introduction of power lithium batteries, their high performance, low The superior advantages of cost and renewables quickly became the leader in the field of power batteries, so testing of power batteries is particularly important.

MACCOR high-precision battery test system can provide a variety of tests for power batteries, including charge and discharge, capacity test, mixed pulse power performance test, rate performance test, self-discharge test, cycle life test and other tests. It can test the operating status of power batteries at different temperatures, and can perform life assessment, and use a test method closer to the actual use scenario to perform the battery life cycle.