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Product Details

MACCOR battery test system is the top test equipment in the industry, with high precision, high stability, high reliability and unparalleled high added value. MACCOR has always been the industry benchmark, and the test report is authoritative. MACCOR has powerful functions: cycle life test, capacity test, DCIR, HPPC, PITT, overcharge and over discharge, charge retention, pulse test, variable test, real-time capacity rate test, working condition simulation, and electrical performance test at different temperatures. The high-end notebook battery industry has a wide range of applications and can meet the full-featured testing needs of notebook batteries.

The SMB function communicates well with the battery and tests the built-in program control function of the battery. The MACCOR rise rate of 100uS reaches the set current value instantaneously, and the accurate test is completed. The pulse function can reach a pulse width as small as 100uS. At the same time, multi-step pulses can be edited to meet the test requirements of any pulse. Function functions and variable functions can meet any cutting-edge and novel testing needs of customers. University battery tester software is powerful, the test interface is friendly, the data and graphics are powerful and convenient, and it is convenient to compare and check the graphics.