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Module battery test equipment

Module battery test equipment

Product Details

MACCOR module battery test equipment can be used for mobile phone battery test, mobile power test, battery material research, half-cell test, three-electrode test, pulse function test, working condition test, super capacitor test, button battery test, power battery test, Battery module test, power tool test, thermal battery test, quality inspection, certification test, charging endurance test, peak power capability test, dynamic capacity test, etc. Its models include SERIES 4000H modular battery test equipment and SERIES 4000 high-precision power battery test equipment.

Test current 1mA-6000A range optional, test voltage 0-180V, constant current, constant voltage, constant power, constant resistance, AC impedance, cyclic voltammetry and other operation methods, providing reference electrode, auxiliary voltage, thermistor, thermoelectric Even (T / K / J type), pressure and other auxiliary inputs. The software controls the multi-channel parallel connection, which can further increase the test current and meet the test requirements of different types of module batteries.