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Single cell test equipment

Single cell test equipment

Product Details

MACCOR single cell test equipment can be used to test the battery material and the performance of the primary battery, especially suitable for the research and development and quality departments of battery production. MACCOR's test system can test small and medium-sized lithium-ion, polymer, nickel-cadmium, nickel-metal hydride, alkaline, and other material types of batteries. Its technical characteristics and test functions far exceed other similar new products.

Models include desktop battery test equipment MC8, MC16.M4200, M4300, etc., and medium power S4000, S4000H and other models. Can perform cycle life test of single cell, discharge characteristic test at different rates, discharge characteristic test at different temperatures, charge characteristic test, self-discharge characteristic test, over-discharge characteristic test, internal resistance test, temperature cycle test Type of cell test. The test channel is completely independent, the current is automatically selected, and it is suitable for GSM, CADM, IDEN and other pulse systems. It is equipped with flexible test software, data processing software and graphics processing software. The capacity tester is a test pulse, multi-functional, convenient and practical test equipment specially designed for the experiment, research and development units of single cell.