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Inclusive battery test equipment

Inclusive battery test equipment

Product Details

MACCOR package battery test equipment can be used for battery package test, power battery test, battery module test, power tool test, thermal battery test, pulse function test, working condition test, super capacitor test, quality inspection, certification and identification test Wait. Its models include SERIES 8500 battery pack test equipment, SERIES 4000H module battery test equipment, and SERIES 4000 high-precision power battery tester .

The 8500 battery pack test equipment is a high-power full-automatic test system designed to test the performance of EV and any other energy storage equipment under real conditions. This test system can support discharge energy feedback to the grid. Can perform standard cycle tests and various simulation experiments on power batteries and other energy storage devices. Including FUDS, SFUDS, DTS, etc., the equipment voltage can reach 1000V, the current can reach 1000A, providing reference electrodes, auxiliary voltage, thermistor, thermocouple (T / K / J type), pressure and other auxiliary inputs to meet various requirements High-power battery test requirements.