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How to solve the test problem
Do you have headaches with the following problems when using ordinary test equipment ?
  • Data loss, inaccurate clock
  • Test data is questioned due to unstable current output
  • Test results vary widely
  • Unable to test AC impedance test
  • Unable to single step constant current and constant voltage test
  • Cycle capacity cannot be called automatically
  • Loss of operating test data
  • Device current response time is too long
  • Unable to perform uS level pulse detection

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Four advantages of Xinrui battery testing equipment

Provide you with high standards, personalized, advanced battery testers and first-class solutions

  • 01
    High-end user base

    High-end user base, focusing on the forefront of the industry.

    • Many universities, laboratories, testing institutions and scientific research institutions have selected products.
    • Update test items in real time to get industry-leading battery test information.
  • 02
    Test data is more authoritative

    Test data is more authoritative and comprehensive.

    • Ultra-high accuracy test, more accurate test data.
    • Multiple test data are displayed in real time, and the test information is more comprehensive.
  • 03
    Microsecond current response

    Microsecond current response, faster.

    • Instantaneous current response, rejecting long response time.
    • Fast current response, more accurate battery test results, and truly reflect battery performance.
  • 04
    Accurate working condition test

    Accurate working condition test, so you don't worry about working condition test!

    • Accurately simulate the state of the battery, and restore the working conditions in real time.
    • The working condition test data is comprehensive and accurate, without losing steps and data, the test is more complete.


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    Nanfu battery

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Shenzhen Xinrui New Energy Technology Co., Ltd.

Shenzhen Xinrui- High-tech enterprise of battery testing equipment

Shenzhen Xinrui New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional research and development of battery internal resistance tester, high precision, pulse, nickel metal hydride, capacity, power battery, PACK, CELL, MODULE test equipment, charge and discharge meter, battery module tester, Production, sales, service and system integration of high-tech enterprises of battery testing equipment.

Emphasizing integrity and keeping promises. With its strong scientific and technological strength and cutting-edge product performance, Xinrui has occupied a place in the field of battery testing equipment and has been highly recognized by the industry. Relying on excellent quality and excellent after-sales service, Xinrui has reached long-term strategic cooperation with well-known enterprises, and its products are located in Guangdong, Guangzhou, Dongguan, Huizhou, Foshan, Beijing, Shanghai and various new energy companies, universities, testing institutions, and scientific research at home and abroad Units, etc. At the same time, Xinrui is also the official authorized agent of American MACCOR in mainland China. The strong blessings of well-known foreign brands have helped Xinrui continue to develop steadily.

The company was established in August 2009, is located in Baoan District, Shenzhen, with a registered capital of 5.01 million .....

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